Alexander Sinton Secondary School, also known as Alexander Sinton High School, is an English medium school in Athlone, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa.

"We strive to be a dynamic centre of academic achievement and enrichment for BOTH teachers and students"



Alexander Sinton High School opened its doors in the Bakoedratoellah Hall in Buckley Avenue, Athlone, in January 1951.

The school then had 90 pupils and three teachers- Mr F. P. Joshua, principal; Mr W.J. Arendse, vice principal and Mr September.

Sinton grew rapidly and excelled in the academic and sporting fields, especially during the 1960s and 1970s under the stewardship of Mr. F. P Joshua who was known to check up on Matric students individually at home to see whether they were studying. His friendship with Alexander Sinton, a Scottish inspector of Schools in S.A, led to the building of the present school made possible by the legacy left by Alexander Sinton In his will as long as we retained his name. We were also the only school of colour to have a Ballet studio at the time.

The school moved to its present premises in Thornton Road, Crawford, in 1969 and became synonymous with Art, Ballet and Drama in the 1970s.

Mr K. Desai became principal in 1976-an unforgettable year for many Sinton Knights. This was the year when unrest spread throughout South Africa. Police stormed the school and many pupils and teachers were injured. Retaliation came in the form of boycotts, stay -away, placard protests and marches during3 the 1980s. Our school also broke Apartheid Laws by accepting African students long before it was allowed.

In 1985, Sinton pupils boycotted classes after the June examinations and the Education Department closed the schools. In September 1985, a countrywide campaign called for the re-opening of schools and the Sinton community tried to re-open the school. The police arrived, locked the gates and arrested those on the premises, The "Siege of Sinton" had begun. The violence and chaos that ensued prevented students from continuing with education. A decision was then made for all students to repeat the year.

In 1993 the school was at the forefront of the anti-rationalisation struggle and was instrumental in the formation of the Western Cape Parent Teacher Student Forum (WCPTSF) which resulted in the "Mother of all Marches" widely covered in the international media. In 1993, the Principal, Mr K. Desai, together with several senior staff took the voluntary severance package and in 1994 Mr B. Levendal was appointed principal. 

Mr F. Parker who was appointed in 1998, retired at the end of 2014.During Mr. Parker's reign the school was at the forefront of the formation of the Concerned Teachers Group (CTG) which won the battles against OBE and the infamous CTA'S.Ms A.Domingo is currently the Principal and during her time (2017) we were awarded a Blue Plaque from the Simon Van Der Stel Foundation for "our survival under difficult circumstances In our struggle against Apartheid, 1985 and the "Siege of Sinton'. Through the Heritage Society the old hall was named the Khailid Desai Memorial Hall to recognise the progressive activist role the school played during Apartheid under his stewardship. That project will continue in the future.

Other highlights:

The critically acclaimed production of "To Kill a Mocking Bird" in 1991

The visit to our school by Nelson Mandela in 1992

The continued success in Athletics Establishment of Sinton as an Arts focus school

The world-wide recognition of Dance students

The world-wide recognition of the Alexander Sinton Band



The school was named for its benefactor Alexander Sinton, who bequeathed money to found the school in 1951.


Mr Franklin Joshua


Mr Khalid Desai

Mr Fazil Parker

Mrs Adela Domingo







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